The Reindeer Place
April 1, 2009

Too many hearts are hardened to the magic and love of The Holiday Spirit. Life simply steals the magic from us. At The Reindeer Place the magic and love we once knew as children abounds in toys, tastes, treasures and timeless experiences. The Reindeer Place is not a Christmas shop, it is a storehouse of recovered dreams and dreams about to unfold.

As you walk toward The Reindeer Place you notice that it is not like other retail buildings, this building has a Scandinavian appearance. Opening the double oak doors you first see the two story live tree, decorated for the current season. Then the aromas of the Kristmas Kitchen wrap around you and you do not know where to go first.

The Kristmas Kitchen is filled with holiday pastries from around the world, filling the air with the scents of cinnamon, apples, berries and just plain good. Coffee scents from several coffee urns featuring local and gourmet brews accent the aroma in the air. The menu features deli sandwiches on fresh breads. Each sandwich made to order and ordered by the pound for those who want a more robust delight. Hot Chocolate, not the pretend hot cocoa but the real stuff, made with blends of real chocolate are a featured item. You can choose one of the Kitchen specialties or request your own blend from the available chocolates including milk, dark, semi-sweet, extra-dark and white. Available only in The Kristmas Kitchen are The Reindeer Kisses, renowned for their sweetness and therapeutic qualites.

Back in the main toy shoppe you wander around the great tree marveling at racks of toys that promote imagination, cooperation, friends playing with friends, parents enjoying activities with their children. You see dolls that require hugs, stuffed animals wanting to snuggle, and the old favorite sock monkey reaching out to you and you alone. In one corner are models, airplanes, cars, boats and the like. Not just plastic models but wooden models, balsa airplane kits begging to be completed and flown. Watch your feet for the infant and toddler toys are open and in the middle of the floor where young children can experience them. Lincoln Logs, erector sets, and tinker toys are in another section calling to the imagination and creativity of children from age 4 to 94.

In the middle of the toy shoppe is a staircase to the balcony area. Half way up it divides and features a display that reminds us all that we are still children inside. On the left of the balcony is a craft area, where young people are taught how to blow eggs, make a tie for Father's Day, create magic from ordinary stuff found around the house. In the back right corner of the balcony is an area not attractive to young people at all but a delight to the collectors, featuring ceramic cottages, porcelain reindeer, delicate dolls, even crystalline dragons. The balcony also features a library with reading tables for the little ones and comfortable overstuffed chairs where Grandfather can read The Night Before Christmas in the middle of June.

Behind the stairs is a sleigh. We have requested a sleigh no longer used on Christmas Eve, it was damaged in the Epiphany run of 1954 when a gust of wind slammed it into a rooftop, but availability of this sleigh is questionable. However, we have stumbled on a detailed description of the sleigh used by the original Woodsman, Jonathon Syzmoor, and a reproduction of this magical ride awes everyone who sees it. From its light weight to its uncommon runners, the Woodsman's sleigh makes even beach goers wish for a snowy day. Behind the sleigh is the entrance to the stables where goats, rabbits, miniature horses and live reindeer banish any doubts about the reality of Saint Nicholas.

The Reindeer Place is a toy store, a deli, a gift store, a bakery, a source of dreams and an experience to be repeated as often as possible.

Offices for The Reindeer Place are located behind the Kitchen and can be accessed by a locked secret panel by the sleigh. The offices provide access to the upstairs apartment by winding staircase or open lift. Above The Kristmas Kitchen is an apartment where the owner / manager reside. On site residence not only assures security of the premises but provides for daily care of the animals. Secondary access to the apartment would be by an outside staircase.

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